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Decorating Period Properties West Oxfordshire

When decorating a period property there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Traditional building and finishing techniques varied from area to area, and even from builder to builder. Indeed, many older homes were built by land owners with very little previous experience. This can lead to unique situations when it comes time to decorate them.

Period kitchen decorating

We’ll cover special considerations in a moment, but before you talk to local decorators, think about the colour theme for the house. Many period houses have a colour scheme that can date back hundreds of years.

For historical colour schemes, your local decorator can usually match the colour. This can be from a colour code, working with you to visually match the colour to a heritage colour chart, or by removing some of the paint to have it matched by a modern computerised colour analyser.

Period lounge decorating

Many homeowners decide to take a modern twist with an older property. This can sometimes cause some anxiety, but the use of bold colour has been in and out of fashion for as long as colour application has been around. Worst case, your painter and decorator can redecorate, hinding even the boldest of colour choices. Here at Lewis Decorators, we have some customers that refresh every year. We even have one loyal customer that updates certain wallpaper to match the season.

So, what particular challenges can be faced with a period property? Damp is probably the big one. Houses built without a damp proof course can suffer, so it’s important to check that your room has no damp issues first, as it would be a waste of money to decorate a room, only to have it ruined by damp shortly afterwards.

Decorative features, such as coving, or decorative plaster works are common in older houses. This can often become fragile, so ask your decorator to examine it when they quote. It is in both of your interests to check the condition, as repairs can be costly.

Period plaster work painting

Older paintwork can (and probably will) contain harmful compounds such as lead. Ask your decorator about this, and how any danger can be minimised.

Above all you need to feel comfortable in your home. By expressing yourself through your decoration, you can create a space that makes you feel relaxed and also lets your visitors get a sense of who you are.

Lewis Decorators have experience decorating older period properties in West Oxfordshire. If you need some help with your project, please get in touch.

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