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Is Paste The Wall Lining Paper Easy To Hang?

Compared to traditional lining paper, paste the wall lining paper is easier to hang. However, it still requires preparation and skill to produce a stunning final result.

Let's have a look at the process involved in a little more depth...

1. Measure your wall or walls and use a wallpaper calculator to buy the correct amount of lining paper. I'd advise you to buy extra, if this is your first time.

2. Purchase a good quality ready mixed wallpaper paste. Beeline is my go to brand. But Wickes also make a decent ready mixed paste.

3. Prepare your walls by stripping old wallpaper, removing any loose plaster, old wallpaper, flaky paste etc. Also check that there are no damp issues.

4. Fill any major holes and cracks, then sand back when dry. Run the sander over the whole wall. The more preparation, the better the finish, even when using lining paper.

5. Prepare your tools.

Paste the wall lining paper tools

(Image source:

6. Measure for your first drop of paper. leaving enough overlap for the top bottom and corner, as required. Then use your spirit level to mark a line. Note: if you are hanging a top feature paper, you should crossline.

7. Use a roller and brush to apply paste. Be sure to over lap the pencil line that you made.

8. Hang your first length of paste the wall lining paper. You can hang directly from the roll, but sometimes it is better to cut your lengths first, as they can be easier to work with.

9. Use a paper smoother to remove any bubbles and to get the paper applied to the wall. Start from the middle of the drop and work the smoother outwards. I like the Coral Paperwiz.

10. Using your paperwiz and a sharp snap blade, cut away any excess paper.

11. Carry on with remaining drops until the job is complete.

12. For a professional look, allow to dry and the caulk around the edges with painters caulk.

Now you are ready to leave it all to dry, and then paint, or hang your feature wallpaper. Or why not both? Here's a decorating project that we completed recently using paste the wall lining paper on all walls.

Lewis Decorators are Painters and Decorators in Carterton Oxfordshire. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss your decorating projects.

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