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Kitchen Redecoration

The kitchen is often the last room to be decorated in a house. Most often it is left until new kitchen units are fitted. However, it can be surprising how much of an impact a new coat of paint to the walls and ceiling can make to an existing room.

Kitchen walls and ceilings can pick up stains from oil and other spills, so it’s important to talk to your decorator about having these stains cleaned and sealed. If they are not, then the stain can work its way through the new paintwork, no matter how many coats of paint are applied.

There are many new paint systems that are resistant to new stains, moisture and even mould. Good scrubbable paints are available in a full range of colours. While these can be more costly, they can often be worth the extra cost, as it may add years on to the lifetime of the redecoration work.

Did you know that kitchen cabinets can be painted? This can be a reasonably low cost way to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the price of refitting. It should be noted that not all cabinets are suited to repainting. Again, talk to your decorator about your requirements, and see what they can offer to suit your needs.

Replacement handles and soft close door systems can add a touch of class to tired units. Your decorator may be able to offer advice on these too.

Another high impact to cost upgrade that can be made is tile regrouting. Kitchen tiles tend to pick up stains from cooking and general kitchen use. They can also discolour naturally over time. Usually, your decorator is able to replace existing grout, and polish tiles at a fraction of having new tiles fitted. Have a look at the photos below from one of our Carterton projects for an idea of what an impact this can have.

Kitchen Tiles before regrouting

Kitchen Tiles after regrouting

If you’re looking to sell or rent out your property, a kitchen redecoration and refresh can be an easy way to add thousands to the value of your home. New buyers often look at the kitchen as the most costly room to put right, so it can put them off a purchase, or prompt them to factor it in any offers they make. Renters will look to the kitchen and bathroom to be clean and presentable. This can often be the deciding factor between two similar properties.

Lewis Decorators of Carterton can help with your kitchen redecoration. We have vast experience of kitchen redecorations, refreshes and uplifts. Why not get in touch to discuss your painting and decorating needs.

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Kitchen Redecoration Wallpaper


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